Persistence and Resilience Can Deliver Momentum

Persistence and Resilience Can Deliver Momentum

We’ve all heard the statistics about businesses failing in the first 3-5 years. The numbers are overstated, as it doesn’t allow for the fact some businesses are rebranded or structures changed because they’re doing well, and therefore the original business didn’t fail at all. However, a lack of persistence and not reaching the point of momentum does cost many.

Persistence and resilience are definitely traits needed by business owners. It can be hard facing ‘no’s from prospects or creating content when it feels like no one is looking at it. Facing copycats, people not paying, or leaving less than favourable reviews all add to it.

Even famous people who are doing so well now, faced many ‘no’s. Yes even Tony Robbins and J.K.Rowlings struggled! Take the Matildas in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Never before has women’s sport stopped the nation or gained the hearts of a nation like they did. Personally I hate soccer, and I even watched their run in the finals!

After years of persistence and resilience, finally women’s soccer could be taken seriously. The momentum grew as the tournament progressed and was fascinating to watch.

I’m seeing some businesses who after about 5 years are starting to really hit their strides, and momentum is growing. It is great to see, as this is the time when they recover what they didn’t make in the early years. Are you persevering, showing resilience and ready to come into a phase of momentum? If not, please get in touch!

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