Northholm Grammar School Health Expo 2022

On Friday the 28 October, the culmination of a term of hard work, collaboration and creativity came to fruition with Year 10 Northholm Grammar Students hosting the Year 10 Health Expo.

During PDHPE lessons, students were tasked with exploring current Australian statistics and identifying health issues that were significant for young people, and were challenged to design a stall that would educate the Northholm Community about their chosen issue. Issues selected included consent and sexual safety, mental health and wellbeing, vaping, sun safety, party safety and domestic violence.

During the Health Expo, we were joined by community organisations Diabetes Australia, Dance Wize, Healthy Kids Association and also our local NSW Police Liaison Officer, Lynda Hart who worked alongside Year 10 students in sharing their passion for their work. Additionally, a select group of Year 10 students presented a TED talk to open the Health Expo, with the topic being Be The Change You Want To See. So inspiring to see Northholm students challenging other young people to stand up and speak out on the issues that matter!

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