Merry Christmas from Dural Scouts

First Dural Venturer Scouts recently spent a long weekend camping and hiking at Patonga. Maximillion reported on their adventures:

We hiked to the campsite and went to the beach a couple times. We all had different things to cook for dinner. Alex just had noodles and Darcy had all kinds of fabulous foods. Tegan had butter chicken, which we all wished we had as well.  Alexis and Claudia did bring sausages for all of us, but most of them fell on the ground! Now this is a family magazine, so I can’t go into too much detail, but the Venturers did get a lesson on what happens when a duck eats a sausage that has been left on the ground. Let’s just say that the tent took a lot of cleaning!

We slept at the campsite once and once at the beach which was pretty cold.  But at least the weather was with us and it was mainly sunny. It was a really great camp, but I was nursing giant blisters as memories from about 28 km of hiking.

Venturers also recently spent a weekend at an abseiling camp with lots of bushwalking, camping and abseiling at Canoelands.

Our Cubs had a fun night constructing a Trebuchet, or mechanical catapult. There were two different designs, one created by Jack and the other by Lucas. Two large ones created using poles, ropes and lashings and miniature ones with paddle pop sticks, rubber bands and a spoon which made it into a fun target shooting game.

Dural Scout Group has vacancies in the New Year for Girls and Boys from 6 to 25 years. Joeys (5yo), Cubs (8yo), Scouts (12yo) and Venturers (16yo).

Please contact Phirooza: 0411 731 976 or [email protected] or Simon: [email protected])