• New Line Road has been a major local issue for decades.

      The NSW has allocated funds for strategies to alleviate some of the pressure of this contentious road (and roads tying into it).

      What do you think is the solution to New Line Rd?

      How serious do you think the Government is about fixing these issues?

      • Land Values Tax… why is it necessary, when so many residents are up in arms about having to fork out additional funds which they say “clearly supports developers” to the detriment of landowners?


      • What are your top priorities for your local electorate moving forward?
      • Having been in opposition for 12 years, what makes this 2023 NSW State Election so vital for the Labor party, and why does Labor believe it should be elected to government?


      • Although Labor is currently slightly ahead in the polls on two party preferred, the party still faces greater challenges than it has previously electorally, the support for NSW teal candidates has surged, as has that of the Greens and independents.
        What do you believe Labor can do to combat the rise of third-party candidates in NSW?


      • Wider polling has revealed that Labor is facing an issue of non-familiarity. Chris Minns has been opposition leader for 18 months and the NSW state Labor party’s wider leadership is largely unknown to the wider electorate. How do you think Labor can rectify this and better promote their frontbench talent to the state?


      • Would you like to add anything else?



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