Local Business Westleigh Village

We are looking forward to Spring which means sunnier days and hopefully warmer days! September is all about Father’s Day & School Holidays and we welcome you to come and enjoy all that Westleigh has to offer!

Urban Lab Clothing Co (located via the lower car park next to the Stairs) has an incredible range of mens clothing so be sure to check it out next time you are shopping!

We also celebrate Dr Allan Van being at the village for 6 months now! Dr Van took over Westleigh Chiropractic earlier this year and has refreshed the business with a new logo and a great new patient offer – so be sure to check out the website.

We are looking forward to the local business award finalist announcements! Be sure you are following us on Facebook so you celebrate with us. Of course the big night is coming up later this year where winners are announced. Whatever happens our retailers are all winners to us!

We look forward to seeing you at The Village. Once you experience our amazing community, you’ll understand why the locals never want to leave.