Importance of Remembering Names

I would like to share some tips that may assist you in recalling a person’s name.

Remembering someone’s name can be difficult for a lot of us but often, it is a very important skill to have both socially and professionally.

Calling a person by their name shows them that you cared enough and took the time to remember their name – this gives you an instant rapport with them.

So, instead of saying “I am hopeless at remembering names” start telling yourself that you are good at remembering names and it will become second nature.

An important tip, always pay attention when being introduced to new people and try to link their name to something that is a trigger in your mind to connect the name to something relevant about the person. Try to use his or her name during the conversation but always err on the side of good judgment, particularly with somebody more senior.

Another good tip is that at an event or party, where you are not familiar with many of the guests, try and remember three names. This may help.

A final get-out-of-jail card which I admit I have used, is when another person that you have recently been introduced to, enters the discussion and you can’t remember their name, just say “Have you met each other before?”

I hope this helps in remembering people’s names a bit more easily!