Google Business Profile Replaces the Google my Business App

You may have received emails or noticed you can no longer access the Google My Business app. Do not panic!

Google My Business is now Google Business Profile (about the fifth reincarnation in as many years!). To access now, all you need to do is go into Google Maps or Google Search, well almost.

If you enter your registered Google Business Profile business name in either maps or search, you will see one of two options – the public view, or the edit only view the business gets. Which one you see depends on the Google account you are using. On your computer or phone you will see the account profile on the right as a little circle with a letter(s) or pic in it. You may need to click the profile icon to select the correct account to get access to the edit function. Add your Google account connected to your old Google My Business account to get access if need be.

Once you get access, it’s still completely free to use all the functions of the old Google My Business in your Google Business Profile.

If you want to appear in the ‘3 pack’ in Google search results then there are still the same things you can do to optimise your profile. Use keywords, complete your entire profile, add photos and posts weekly. If you need help, please reach out to me. You get 8 hours free advice per financial year and this is one of the many topics I can help with.

Jane Tweedy 0490 102 194 [email protected] Western Sydney Business Centre

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