Glenhaven Rural Fire Brigade

The statutory Bush Fire Danger Period for The Hills began on 1st October. We’ve seen the devastating impact that bush fires can have on people, properties, and communities. It’s important you take the time now to get ready for bush fires by preparing or updating your Bush Fire Survival Plan. If you don’t already have a plan, head to for an online guide that can help you develop one in as little as five minutes.

The safest option in a bush fire is always to leave early, well before the fire threatens.

You should leave if:

• The Fire Danger Rating is Catastrophic. On these days fires will be so intense it is not safe to defend any home – no matter how well prepared. Extreme and Severe days are also very dangerous and leaving early will always be the safest option.

• You have not prepared yourself or your property to give you and your home the best level of protection from a fire.

• There are children, elderly, or disabled people in your home. People who are vulnerable due to age, health or any other reason should always leave early.

• Your house is not defendable. Some houses, because of their location, construction, or surrounding vegetation are not safe to defend. The NSW RFS Bush Fire Household Assessment Tool ( can help you assess your home’s level of risk and make an informed decision. On some days no properties will be defendable.

Being well away from a bush fire is the ONLY way to ensure your safety. Glenhaven Brigade has seen an increase in activity over the past month. We have been involved in several hazard reductions across The Hills and Hornsby shires, we have assisted ambulances, attended fire calls, and have participated in online learning opportunities.

Unfortunately, we were unable to hold our annual Open Day due to the lockdown, but we look forward to returning to our community activities as restrictions ease. We have also recently received our new BR9 bush fire helmets which were given to the brigade as part of the RFS Commissioner’s Priority Projects. The helmets were funded by the NSW RFS and Brigades Donations Trust and through the incredible support of the community across the 2019/20 season.

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