Glenhaven – Haven by Name and by Nature

Glenhaven as its name rightly suggests, that is, it sits in a luscious valley (or glen) and is seen as a haven by every single one of its residents.

Though located only about 33 kilometres west of the city, it often feels like you are in a quaint country village with large blocks of land often with glorious flora and fauna.

Glenhaven’s evolution really came about because of the development of a prestige estate in the 1980s by Binet Homes that took its cues from the English countryside, including the construction of some beautiful Tudor homes.

More recently, Glenhaven is seen as the ideal location for upgraders who may have achieved solid capital growth on previous properties, which they now want to recycle into a superior property with plenty of land.

The typically perennial low supply of homes for sale but strong demand means that property prices have had a significant upward trajectory over the years.

Four and five bedroom houses are the most predominant in the suburb, with about 80 sales recorded over the past year, versus just 10 sales for houses with three bedrooms or less. There has also been very little unit development over the decades in the area.

Having recently moved here myself, my family, like many others, intend to spend many years enjoying everything it has to offer.