Future Proofing Cherrybrook Community Centre


Twenty-six years ago, I visited the Cherrybrook Community Centre in Shepherds Drive to watch my daughter perform as an ‘angel’ in her school play. I remember this visit well because the Centre, then six years old, had excellent parking options for families, good facilities inside, the main hall roomy and the foyer large enough for parents to mingle.

I have crossed this Cherrybrook venue threshold many times since to attend various events. As a Hornsby Shire Councillor and Hornsby Council Art Group member, I decided to examine the Cherrybrook venue, without the crowds, to understand the scope of its facilities.

The sign at the front entrance of the building is facing Greenway Park and not visible to the public. Another sign is needed at the rear driveway to direct visitors to the entrance.

The children’s playground is in urgent need of a renovation and modernisation of the equipment. The ’Junior Toilet’ is a great facility but needs a blind on its windows for privacy.

The main hall and stage can accommodate 300 sitting and 420 standing. The kitchens and bathrooms are well equipped and my ‘behind the scenes’ tour indicates the venue has many multi-function rooms on offer.

The rear of the Community Centre overlooks the unleashed dog park. A dirt track between the dog park the car parking needs to be widened and paved. A proper distance should be allocated between the dog park and parking area so parked vehicles do not cover the footpath.

I have requested Hornsby Council staff to put in place my recommendations to ensure the Cherrybrook Community Centre continues to meet the future needs of residents.

Finally, in walking around the Cherrybrook Community Centre surrounds, I was impressed with the new lighting on the pathway leading to the Cherrybrook shops. The exercise equipment near Greenway Park is a great example of what can be easily installed in other areas of Hornsby Shire.

The Cherrybrook community is very fortunate to have such great community facilities on their doorstep.

If you have any concerns or suggestions where I may assist, please contact me at [email protected]