The Galston Concerts…From Russia With

The Galston Concerts are up and running again following their successful restart of live performances in late March.

Russian folk flair – in costume – will feature on Sunday 23 May, starting 2pm in the Galston Uniting Church, with a return by popular demand of the Sydney Balalaika Orchestra, a highlight of the concerts in 2019.

Plucked strings, accordion, wind instrument highlights and featured vocalist Dmitry Kuevda will recreate rich sounds of Russia– sorrow and joy.

Future concerts will continue the musical theme of global travels, from Germanic Bach and Beethoven in March, Russia 23 May, Vienna on 25 July, a mix of Celtic, Latin American and Jazz on 26 September – post-COVID ‘travel’ made easy.

All concerts leading to the Galston Gala in 21 November will include pre-concert organ preludes, starting c. 1.30pm, which present prize-winner young organists playing Galston Uniting’s heritage-listed but superbly restored 1888 pipe organ.

Reduced COVID Plan audience capacity suggests that advanced bookings are well advised on line at – search Galston. A phone call to 9653 2039 or 0428 248 348 is a booking option for those who are ‘internet cautious’.

The Galston Concerts team have established best practice COVID Plan standards to ensure audience safety and comfort.

Newcomers are invited to join the concerts audience database, by phoning Rob Harris, 0428 248 348, to receive monthly e-bulletin newsletters including links to on-line video performances and news of other Hills and Hornsby district concerts.

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