Fire Pump Maintenance

The fire pump is critical to any fire protection plan. It must start first time and work well during an emergency. 

Run the engine regularly.  Replace stale fuel, and have sufficient additional fuel on site for refills. Check the oil and the air filter, and get the engine serviced yearly.

Aussie Pumps fire pumps are self priming, so once set up they will hold their prime unless drained. Never run the pump dry as this will damage the mechanical seal. The pump will not prime if there is an air leak in the suction hose or the strainer is blocked.

Run the pump, and check for water leaks around the body and hose joins. If water is leaking from the back of the pump, the mechanical seal needs to be replaced.

Fire Pump Maintenance

Delivery hoses need to be in good condition and long enough to reach around your property. The suction hose must reach the water source even if the level drops. Run sprinklers to ensure they are not blocked.

Regular practice is the best way to ensure that everyone is familiar with starting and using the pump and the hoses.

Loads of information on preparing for a fire emergency can be found in the Aussie Bushfire Survival Guide. Pick up your FREE copy at your Aussie Pumps dealer, or online at