Fire Danger Buy The Right Pump

It looks like it’s going to be a tough fire season, with fire authorities warning people living in the “Urban Interface” to be prepared. One Hills fire pump specialist, Hills Irrigation, has geared up in partnership with Australian Pump Industries to offer the world’s best firefighting pump kit.

“Don’t settle for a cheap third world product when you’re looking at firefighting pumps”, said Andrew Davis from Hills Irrigation. “Look at the package and find out where they’re made before you buy! Insist on a quality Aussie product like the Aussie Fire Chief with a first world Honda engine to drive it”, he said.

Australian Pump Industries developed the Aussie “Chief” specifically for Australian firefighting applications. “It’s regarded as the finest lightweight, portable fire pump in the world, not just in Australia but internationally”, said Andrew. “It outperforms and outfeatures all others and is sold at a fair price, considering the great quality”, he said. Best of all, the Aussie Fire Chief comes with a five year warranty. Nobody else does that!

“Great Aussie product, a world leader … a fair price. We’ve got pumps and hose kits ready to go”, said Andrew.

Contact Hills Irrigation 1300 984 536 or, Aussie Pumps 8865 3500 for free Bushfire Survival Guides!

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