Fire Catastrophe

Unprecedented heatwave conditions in Europe and North America indicate that our next summer is going to be brutal.

Observing the fire disasters overseas should compel Hills residents to be on high alert. Now is the time to prepare for the extreme fire danger we will no doubt be experiencing this upcoming summer.

The last few years of La Nina rainfall has generated a huge fuel load in bush, scrub land and even grasslands. Now the pendulum is swinging back to a drier and hotter El Nino, the threat of bushfires is very real. People living on what the RFS call the “Urban Interface” know that living amongst the gum trees has never been more dangerous!

One Australian company has boosted its fire pump production to make sure they have sufficient product available to protect homeowners from the ravages of what may be Australia’s worst and most savage bushfire season.

Australian Pump introduced the Aussie Fire Chief almost 30 years ago. The pump was designed to be better than any other product on the market, with the company making a major effort to improve pump performance, features and value for money.

Aussie Pumps supports Hills homeowners to set up their bushfire protection systems, offering guidance in pump selection and operation. Aussie’s website has some excellent and informative videos to help you prepare for bushfire season.

Further information and free copies of Aussie’s “Bushfire Survival Guide” are available from your trusted Aussie Gold Distributor, or follow the QR code to download from our website