Adventure Camp for Dural Scouts

The 46th Greater Western Sydney Region Jamborette was a three-day extravaganza of scouting spirit and adventure camp held over the long weekend at Cataract Scout Park.

The theme, “Greatest Hits of the 20th Century,” brought the past to life, with Dural Scouts and several courageous Cubs joining in the fun.

Leaders and Venturers lent their support, leading a variety of thrilling activity bases including our very own: “Gyro Scout”, “Saving Guinevere” – a dual rope rope/pulley base in which harnessed scouts grappled against each other to save Guinevere; and an electric fence field.  Our group took the Gateway competition very seriously —a nod to the 1920s with an impressive rendition of the Harbour Bridge partially incomplete as it was back then.

The boundary fence, humorously warning of an “Electric Fence,” caused quite the stir, with many a scout daring to test its veracity. The highlight for most, however, were the adventurous activities like the Giant Swing, Caving, Zip-lining, and Rock-climbing, along with the night disco, inflatables, and the warmth of new friendships forged around the neighbouring campsites and our own campfire.

A peaceful slumber on the car ride home was a testament to the camp’s success and each experience provided unforgettable memories of the jamborette.

Dural Scout Group has vacancies for Girls and Boys from 5 to 25 years. Joeys (5yo), Cubs (8yo), Scouts (12yo) and Venturers (16yo). 

Please contact Phirooza:  0411 731 976 or [email protected] 

or Simon: [email protected]