CWA Galston’s Maternity Aid

CWA Galston is calling for urgent improvements to maternity services and support in rural and regional NSW.

A catalyst for the formation of the Country Women’s Association of NSW a century ago was the need for adequate maternal health services in the bush, and 100 years on, the Association continues to advocate for expectant mothers and their families, with this critical issue the focus of this year’s annual Awareness Week campaign.

The 2022 campaign runs from 4th to 10th September, highlighting the urgent need for improved maternity services and support across rural and regional NSW.

The issue was on the Association’s radar at its annual State Conference in May, when a number of branch motions were put to members around the need for improved maternity services and care in rural and remote NSW, and for the establishment of a dedicated hotline to support women in rural areas to navigate available maternity support services.

On the final day of the conference, propelled by the release of findings from a NSW parliamentary inquiry into rural and regional health, a motion of urgency was unanimously endorsed by members, calling for immediate action by state and federal governments to address the current crisis in the provision of primary medical services as a result of the lack of general practitioners and medical staffing in hospitals in rural NSW.

One of the key recommendations from the parliamentary inquiry was around establishing a review of rural maternity services in the wake of the closure of dozens of hospital birthing units around the state, and often harrowing testimony from inquiry witnesses who shared their stories of giving birth without adequate support and facilities or having to travel far from home to have their babies.

It seems fitting that in the CWA of NSW’s centenary year, we’re continuing the advocacy around urgent improvements to maternal and antenatal care. This year, the CWA of NSW is partnering with the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association and the Gidget Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that provides programs to support the emotional wellbeing of expectant and new parents.

Charity Fashion Parade Tuesday 18th October 10:30am $25 includes morning tea and lunch Raffle and lucky door prize!

CWA Galston advocates for a variety of issues, both locally and state-wide. We will be holding a fundraiser in October to support our various endeavours.

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