Ease Cost of Living Pressures with the Middle Dural Toy Library

As families across the region feel the pinch from rising cost of living, the Middle Dural Toy Library offers a budget-friendly solution that doesn’t skimp on quality or fun.

The toy library provides a sustainable way to keep children engaged and learning without the financial burden of purchasing new toys.

For an annual fee starting at just $50, members gain access to a diverse collection of over 1300 toys, puzzles, games, and costumes.

“Most people borrow more than $50 worth of toys on their first visit alone and we have multiple members who have saved more than $2000 over the past 12 months” says Emily Kothe, President of the Middle Dural Toy Library. “This provides incredible value, especially during these times when every penny counts.”

The toy library also supports the community with an out-ofhours click and collect service, offering flexibility for busy families. By fostering a sharing culture, the library strengthens community bonds and provides a practical response to economic challenges.

Volunteers run the Middle Dural Toy Library, and their commitment to the library’s mission is pivotal in its success. New volunteers and members are always welcome, and the library invites locals who wish to contribute to a meaningful community cause to join.

For more information on becoming a member or volunteer, or to explore the library’s cost-effective offerings, visit or drop by the library on Saturdays between 10am and 12pm. Middle Dural Toy Library is located at 1 Sunnyvale Rd, Middle Dural.