Children’s Forest planned for Fagan Park

Hornsby Council has a section in Fagan Park that was used for growing saplings of varying native and exotic tree species. This area became known as “the tree farm”.

Once these trees reached maturity they were replanted in an appropriate area. However, if any of the trees developed a defect of any kind, that made it unsuitable for replanting, it was simply left growing in the tree farm. Over the years this has created a unique eclectic forest of trees in an underutilized section of Fagan Park.

Hornsby Shire Council has taken the opportunity to open up the old tree farm area and make it a place for children to get closer to nature, create and discover.

The children’s forest is being developed in stages as funding becomes available with stage one nearing completion. This is being funded through a government grant secured with the support of Matt Kean.

Once fully complete this natural adventure play space will include tree climbing, a cubby building area, treetop canopy walk, bird hide, tree house with a slide and much more.

The first stage of this unique play space will be available for adventurous children shortly and I will advise as soon as it is available for families to visit.