Chamber Message- COVID lockdown mode

By Mark Coupar, Membership Officer
Chamber Message: As I write this article, we are in lockdown mode and coming to terms with the pressures, both internal and external, to manage our way through this challenging period.

COVID doesn’t discriminate against who it affects, but we certainly can put simple strategies in place, like washing your hands before touching things and wearing a mask when out in public, and most importantly, wearing your mask correctly.

I have seen many versions of mask-wearing this week, including inside out and upside down. So remember to ensure both your mouth and nose are covered and don’t forget to check in and check out every time you visit a business. This small action is the easiest way to trace contacts.

The service NSW app now has a new notification function preference function that you can set to remind you to check out of businesses you visit.

Spare a thought for our local businesses that are again impacted by lack of business flow or reduced to takeaway only if in the food industry.

So, where possible, buy local if you can, and use online as an alternative. Chamber Chamber Chamber Chamber

Remember, we must do the right thing. NSW has led the way in this so far, and we need to remain vigilant and continue to use the QR codes so the contact tracers can be effective