Sydney’s Best Swimming Lessons and More

Sydney’s Best Swimming Lessons and More

Carlile Swimming Cherrybrook offers great lessons for kids, aqua aerobics, adult swimming lessons for beginners through to intermediate swimmers and lap swimming in a fun safe environment. Be it your grandchildren or your kids, they will thrive in small classes, with individual attention from expert teachers trained well beyond the industry standard. Carlile is Australia’s […]

Falls Risk Prevention Starts Here!

Falls Prevention Starts Here!

By Daniel Fechner In the 2018 Australian Health Report it was revealed that falls are the leading cause of injuries resulting in death. Overall, falls were accounting for 37% of all deaths in Australia. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) a fall is “an event which results in a person coming to rest inadvertently […]

Sustainability Grants Awarded to Castle Hill Schools

Member for Castle Hill Ray Williams MP today announced that funding has been secured for an innovative sustainability projects at both Dural Public School and Jasper Road Public School. The $10 million NSW Liberal and Nationals Government Sustainable Schools Grants Program supports students to develop sustainability projects with grants of up to $15,000 for student-lead […]

Home Care – Who Will be Visiting me at Home?

Dementia Community

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Arcadian Quilting News

How marvellous to have some sunshine now that we are settling into this winter weather. I see the local sports fields are filled with happy, eager young athletes making the most of these great days. Football games seem to be drawing crowds. Parents, siblings, loyal grandparents and even the family dog can be found having […]

Making the Move to Retirement Living


OUR TOP 3 REASONS FOR DOWNSIZING 1. COMMUNITY AND COMPANIONSHIP Moving to a Uniting retirement village gives you an instant neighbourhood of like-minded residents in a welcoming community. Sharing garden space and entertaining areas, and taking part in village activities, leads to friendships and looking out for each other. “Take the leap – you’ll find […]

Catholic Healthcare’s Leadership Team – Get A Taste Of Mackillop House Norwest!

Catholic Healthcare

Food is such an important part of our residents’ daily lives, and in November the Catholic Healthcare leadership team had an opportunity to sample a beautiful home-cooked dinner at the newlyopened MacKillop House Norwest. The leadership team spent the night at the Home, in a once-in-a-lifetime experience which included sampling a taste of the new […]

Technology Tips for Seniors

Home Care technology

Technology is incredibly helpful in the lives of many senior Australians, but developing the skills and confidence to master their smart devices can prove challenging. Here are some helpful tips: 1 Be Password Smart. When using the internet, choose a strong password that only you will know. Use special characters and symbols and consider using longer […]

Is “Independence” in your List?


Tech companies know more about us than we do about ourselves these days. Ask Google, Apple or Amazon. They know where we shop, what we eat, what we like etc better than our family or friends. It’s the thought that makes the difference. In every gift, we also pack our time, our thoughtfulness, our consideration […]

How Well are you Hearing in a Masked-up World?


Mask-wearing has become challenging for all of us Even with individuals who have normal hearing, communicating with masked communication partners can become challenging as we all rely on lip-reading. For individuals with hearing loss, communicating with masked communication partners becomes EVEN more challenging especially in noisy environments like the grocery store. This can overwhelm your […]