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Arcadian Quilters News-Autumn is such a lovely time of year isn’t it? As the heat of summer fades away our gardens seem to visibly relax. Cooler afternoons can send us indoors, possibly [...]

Arcadian Quilters News2021-05-19T04:48:19+11:00

Keep Occupied


As we age and we are less able to contribute to our communities and with the colder weather, it is easy to feel despondent. As well, we are still feeling the effects [...]

Keep Occupied2021-05-19T08:48:41+11:00

Arcadian Quilters News


last Arcadian Quilters News: Once we would chant that schoolyard song of .... Rain Rain go away etc after such a soggy week but I’m saying- ‘thank you’ - for the green [...]

Arcadian Quilters News2021-05-19T23:36:50+11:00

Seniors Week – Time To Connect


NSW Seniors week took place. Being alone and being lonely are not necessarily the same thing. It is a sad statistic that 1 in 5 older Australians feels lonely. Periods of isolation, particularly [...]

Seniors Week – Time To Connect2021-05-19T23:45:21+11:00
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