Bushfire Survival

Firefighting authorities around the country are on high alert. They know the biggest fire danger is in the Urban Interface!

In the Hills district we can all be grateful for the services of the volunteer Brigades. They do a brilliant job and give up their time to train, but they can’t be everywhere at once! There are literally thousands of homes that are in danger.

The Aussie Fire Chief delivers more performance through it’s quality features and superb hydraulic design.

One local company, Australian Pump have produced a Bushfire Survival Guide that helps home owners to protect their properties. Aussie Pumps advice is to first of all make the decision as to whether you intend to get out in the event of a bushfire or to stay and defend the property. Either way preparation and planning are key.

If you plan to stay then you’ll need fundamentals like a water supply (swimming pool ,dam or water tank), and a top quality pump.

“The reliability of the pump can be everything,” warns Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer John Hales.

The Aussie Fire Chief is regards as the world’s finest lightweight, portable fire pump. At $800 (+GST), it represents real value for money and comes with a unique five year pump end warranty.

When buying your pump ask lots of questions, do your research and choose a quality pump based on performance, features and value. Check out the Aussie Pumps website for more info on what to look for.

For free copies of the Aussie Bushfire Survival Guide and the details of your local Distributor, contact Aussie Pumps today.