Bromeliad Society of Australia

The next meeting of the Bromeliad Society of Australia will be on Saturday, 11th February at the Federation Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground, Showground Road, Castle Hill off Doran Drive. Bromeliad sales to the public from 10am with the meeting commencing at 12noon. The meeting will be exploring Intergeneric bromeliads. Intergenerics can be created in nature, but more usually are created by hybridists.

An intergeneric is created when plant from one genus, eg Neoregelia, is fertilized by a different genus, eg Aechmea, creating some very striking plants. Intergenerics are labelled with an ‘x’ in front of the combined parent names ie ‘xNeomea’ is created. Some examples will be on display, including the very striking xVriecantarea ‘Inferno’ (a cross between Vriesea and Alcantarea).

There will also be our regular meeting activities such as competitions, raffle,Tell, and a more recent activity called just “Show” for people who would just like to share a plant with others without it being critically judged or discussed.For further information please contact Ian Hook, President of BSA on mobile 0408 202 269, email: [email protected] or refer to for the latest updates.