Bin It

By Ken Bradley OAM

There are many good people in the Dural community. During my daily plod along the roads of my area it’s not uncommon for a vehicle to stop and for the driver to offer encouraging words for me to continue collecting the roadside rubbish. This positive attitude is a welcome incentive and reminder that not all motorists are thoughtless, environment trashing individuals– who are probably just doing their best. Most homeowners along the way are particularly supportive and friendly.

My usual collection includes the expected fast food packaging, one-use drink containers, bottles (often only partially used bottled water), plastic bags, diverse other items and as an update – facemasks to reflect on the times. One of my routes ends at a local cemetery where the residents apparently hold weekly parties involving several wine bottles. Neighbour Jan often assists in removing the bottles as it’s a task for me to carry them all the way back to my place and bin space is limited.

Now in my 22nd year of retirement I gain from the accumulated exercise of more than 1200 kms of walking for each year, – and the satisfaction of doing something for my community. I have offers to extend my coverage to other roads but time is limited and this would impinge on my other commitments. The hills are becoming steeper and so the trips are taking longer. It’s now common for other walkers to pass me by – but with a friendly hi and wave. It will soon be necessary to create a succession plan. Please consider how you can help keep your community rubbish free.

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