Big Dreams for a Little Dinosaur


The four main players involved are Trinity Cheesman (myself), Daniel Nodder, Isaac Nodder and BJ (Benjamin) Kew. Dinosaur

Daniel and I are friends from high school. Isaac is his younger brother, together we attend Cherrybrook Technology High School and are in year 8. BJ is a family friend. Daniel and I are a part of the drama club at school, and we all live in Cherrybrook. When it is not closed due to COVID, I attend the NIDA youth campus in Kellyville.

My family planned to go to the Gold Coast in the September school holidays, but we couldn’t travel due to state restrictions. My parents said we needed to get creative with ideas for the holidays that didn’t involve being inside and on screens.

I had already set up a Spoonville interactive display at Greenway Park in Cherrybrook, but I wanted to do something else like a Where’s Wally Walk – but make it unique.

I saw the dinosaur suits online, and as they were COVID safe, I asked my mum if I could get them. We agreed that it was a safe, affordable and fun way to create characters whereby we could interact with other families and young kids stuck within the same 5kms that may be bored.

There are two dinosaurs. Cherri – female (blue) and Brooks – male (green). They are friendly and are happy to give kids a wave and safely take photos. Funnily enough, lots of adults have been asking for selfies too.

Dressing in costume gives my friends and me a chance to use our drama skills. When the dinosaurs come to life, they interact and try to find the next place to hide. Given the amount of bushland, parks and alleyways in Cherrybrook, they have lots of options. I know that as we look back and reflect on this time. Instead of feeling frustrated by the current list of limitations, we’ll be happy and grateful that we came together and worked out a way to have fun still, doing what we love – acting with an audience in a COVID safe way.

Cherrybrook has lots of wonderful sporting, skating, outdoor and swimming options. However, I believe there is still so much more that we can accomplish for teenagers who love the arts, like my friends and me. If I could achieve anything, one day, I would like to start a Cherrybrook Art House.

The vision is for a creative place for teenagers and children of all abilities to paint, write, film, design, act, sing, sew, sculpt, cook and anything else they could think of. Hopefully, it would be a place where accomplished adult artists would want to teach their craft to inspire the next generation.

Cherrybrook has many great places to explore, however, I believe coupled with the right artistic contribution, such as an outdoor arts festival, we can transform our suburb into a ‘must-see’ multi-location destination. It’s not that I am jealous of Sculpture By The Sea; clearly, it’s wonderful.

However, it would also be great for our area to use public art to contribute to our city’s collective understanding of belonging and culture. I hope to become someone that can bring us together to make our neighbourhood even better.

If you have ideas or suggestions about how Trinny can start to develop and launch her dreams for a community-based Art House please email me at; [email protected], and I will facilitate communication.