Arcadian Quilting News

Working ‘within the community’ in whatever capacity, can sometimes in surprising ways… bring its own rewards.

This was our experience recently when an invitation to share our Wednesday morning meeting was accepted by a representative from Assistance Dogs Australia.

Andrea Blackford arrived… and so did Bella, a beautiful golden, shorthaired Labrador. We quilting ladies did our very best not to acknowledge Bella as she was ‘working’ and under instruction.

While our attention was held by this lovely patient dog we quickly became very interested in the story and the achievements of the Assistance Dogs Programme.

Patchwork Group President Carole presenting Andrea Blackford with our donation cheque

The support, the reassurance, the everyday help which can be given by a well trained dog is simply amazing.

Commands for help can be simple as requirements are ‘sensed’ by the dog, a daily routine soon starts to built between the owner and the new found friend.

As Andrea explained to us, a recipient and a dog must connect. A new owner receives training, guidance in care and management of a dog and support through the early stages of receiving a dog.

The waiting list for Assistance Dogs is long. The breeding pro-gramme carefully monitored and controlled is intense, raising the puppies and the training period of young dogs is also long and time consuming.

This is an Australia wide programme relying solely on donations from the public, no Government support is received.

It is our pleasure to find that we can offer support to the Assistance Dogs Programme through providing our quilts, made to specific requirements for individuals needs. We welcome the opportunity to add in some small way… colour, comfort and connection from a community group to an Assistance Support Programme through our quilts.

Our Quilting meetings are held on 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday of each month, commencing at 9.30am. We meet at the Community Health Centre, The Glade, Galston. For further information please call Carole on 9894 7749.