Arcadian Quilters AGM

Arcadian Quilters AGM

July, the 7th month of the Gregorian calendar was named after Julius Caesar in 44 BC.

On July 7th in the 1550s chocolate was first brought to Europe.  The ancient Mayans and Aztecs used to make a bitter drink for ceremonial purposes. Happily, sugar was added, and the rest is history!

July 19th was the Arcadian Quilters Annual General Meeting. 

President Carole Medley, re-elected again, gave sincere thanks to her Committee who were also happily re-elected in their current roles. A new position of Vice President was filled by the very capable Kim Mariani.

AQ’s achievements in the past year were many and varied, donating over 60 quilts to various charities … Grace’s Place; a Centre for Children and families who are victims of homicide crimes; Red Cross in Wollongong where quilts are distributed within their Refugee programme; the Assistance Dogs Group, where cheery, cuddly quilts are given to children who have autistic and learning challenges. 

There is also a generous funding plan for chosen Charities from which a $1,000 in total was donated this financial year.  Arcadian Quilters Arcadian Quilters

AQ welcomed 7 new members in the past year; women who have added wonderfully to the commerardie of the group, bringing new and fresh ideas as the group continues “working within the local Community” … sharing and caring through quilting.

‘Fond-farewells’ were given to two long-time members, both of whom have moved to country areas to be closer to their families. AQ wishes Elspeth Ronalds and Jill McGuinness  happy retirement from ‘the city life’ but not from the thoughts of the group.

Thinking of quilting as your new hobby?

Call in … say Hi to our group, we meet on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday of every month at 9.30 am.  Our venue is the Community Health Centre, Arcadia Road Cnr The Glade, Galston.

For further information please call Carole on 9894 7749.
Arcadian Quilters AGM