Are You Looking For Financing But You Don’t Have A Finance Broker You Can Trust?

Stars Broking Services is the most positively reviewed finance Broker Company in the Hills District.

Marco Scannone, who is the owner and director of Stars Broking Services, has just published a new book which will help Self Employed professionals and also First Home Buyers navigate the complex world of Home Loans.

In How To Choose A Finance Broker You Can Trust, Marco reveals the 10 blind spots everyone must know to avoid choosing a finance broker who might not be right for them.

In this new and insightful book, you’ll discover:
-The options available to you as you seek a finance broker to meet your specific needs
-Why all finance brokers are not the same
-How to tell if your broker has your best interest at heart
-The industry nuances that are important to understand prior to choosing your finance broker
-The danger signs to look for in potentially risky finance brokers

There are currently about 16,000 brokers in Australia, and yet the reality is that about 60% of these 16,000 will leave the industry in 18 months or less.

The profession looks great on paper, but it’s not easy to be successful. At a minimum, it takes finance training from a reputable Institution; becoming accredited with banks and maintaining those relationships; having (or having access to) a credit license; working with a mentor for a couple of years (required by law); and building a team of professionals to ensure transactions run smoothly.

A broker you can trust, has to be an excellent researcher and, if they don’t know the answer, they need to know where to find it or who can help. All this work and commitment to business detail adds up to people leaving the profession early.

This is a big issue in the industry because it creates a lot of behaviour that is not necessarily in the customer’s best interest.

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