70 Years Strong

John and Barbara Fuller, both 91, will celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary on 31 July 2023.

Recently, Julian Leeser MP, Federal Member for Berowra, visited John and Barbara to congratulate them on this impressive milestone and to hear about their life together. John and Barbara first met after a choir practice at the local church in 1948, when they were 16. John, who had recently arrived in Australia from the UK, asked Barbara to an upcoming dance.

“It wasn’t quite love at first sight, but we quickly became firmly attached. We courted for 5 years and very much grew into each other.” John said. They married in 1953. John and Barbara have lived in Beecroft and Glenhaven for 55 years.

Throughout that time, one of their biggest constants has been their involvement with the Beecroft Bowling Club, which Barbara first joined 34 years ago. For 12 years, Barbara also helped in the kitchen preparing meals for special events at the club. John still bowls several times a week, as well as going for a run every morning. It’s those ties to the community that have kept John and Barbara connected to this area for so many years.

When asked about the secret to their long marriage, John and Barbara said they benefited from a bit of luck and a lot of give and take.

“John always brings me a cup of tea in bed in the morning as well. That helps! When he doesn’t, that’s when I know he’s unhappy with me!” Barbara said. Mr Leeser said “It was wonderful to meet John and Barbara. It was a particular pleasure to see the beautiful photos of their three children, eight grandchildren, and eight great-grand-children that fill their home.”

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