50,000 New Jobs In Economic Growth Plan

Mayor Gangemi pictured with the Economic Growth Plan

The Hills Shire Council has approved a forward-thinking Economic Growth Plan which targets the creation of 50,000 new jobs opportunities by 2041, aims to boost tourism in The Hills’ rural north and capitalise on the skills of residents.

The plan was endorsed during an Ordinary Meeting of Council held on Tuesday 10th October, following a comprehensive three-month public consultation process.

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Peter Gangemi said the plan’s vision is to position the region as a hub for innovation, health and science.

“It is a clear goal of Council to help foster economic growth and the creation of local jobs in The Hills, and boost agritourism in the rural parts of our Shire.

“The Economic Growth Plan also looks at how we can attract skilled and educated employees, encourage visitors and increase employment opportunities for our highly skilled residents so they can work close to their home.

• Create over 50,000 new jobs by 2041 and attract investments.
• Champion local businesses.
• Enable the region’s highly skilled residents to work close to home.
• Infrastructure and transport plan to upgrade green spaces, roads, pathways, and cycleways, enhance employment areas and advocate for new infrastructure and transport links.
• Seeks investment in four pivotal sectors: healthcare and social assistance, education and training, advanced manufacturing and professional scientific / technical services
• Review Council’s brand identity and the development of a marketing program aimed at conveying the strengths that The Hills has to businesses and industries, thereby attracting new enterprises to the area.
• Build partnerships with key tourism businesses and organisations operating in the Shire to maximise strategic tourism opportunities.

The approved Economic Growth Plan can be viewed on Council’s website, and by searching “Finalisation of Economic Growth Plan”.

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Aerial image of The Hills Shire