Bushfire Threats! Prepared?

Bushfire Threats! Prepared Upcoming Fire Season?

Maximus Hills is an Aussie Pump Gold Distributor, and owner Joe understands that the community needs to be prepared for our upcoming fire season. “As a local in the Hills area, I have personally seen the devastation of fires in our local area,” said Joe. “Recent rain may have deferred the fire season but the […]

Langlands Landscape Supplies: Edging Supplies

Langlands Landscape Supplies

Langlands Landscape Supplies: With the start of a new year it’s always good to plan your gardening needs. Our steel edging is so popular at the moment. We have full range of galvanized steel and Corten steel edging ranging in heights from 75mil all the way up to 580mil high. We stock the stakes and […]

Gemma Sisia: Bringing Free Education to Children in Poverty

Gemma Sisia

Meet the inspirational Gemma Sisia, founder of The School of St Jude in Arusha, Tanzania. Hear Gemma speak on how St Jude’s has grown to three schools with 1,800 students including a girls only secondary school, to bring free quality education to children experiencing poverty. Sunday 3 rd  March 7.30pm at St Agatha’s Parish Hall, […]