Changing Lives At RDA NSW

Changing Lives At RDA NSW

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Council Renames Rose Garden in Honour of Queen Elizabeth II

Council Renames Rose Garden in Honour of Queen Elizabeth II

Roxborough Park Rose Garden, located within Alfred Henry Whaling Memorial Reserve, in Baulkham Hills, will now be called Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Rose Garden in dedication to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September 2022 after reigning for 70 years. The decision to rename the rose garden follows a Mayoral Minute in […]

Connecting residents and business – Hills Mayor and WEXPO


GOING local is the mantra for businesses to thrive and the economy to grow sustainably, says Hills Shire Mayor, Dr Peter Gangemi. WEXPO Hills event Hills Shire Council has put together a draft economic growth plan and he encourages every business, small or big, in the Hills to read this plan – which is a […]

Finding authentic success – success coach has some lessons for business

BEING successful in business is as much about mindset as it is about skill. In over a decade of clinical practice, success coach Marcus Whelan has seen the unfortunate effects of spiralling stress and burnouts on families, relationships, businesses, and the wider community. He has some lessons for business owners and managers which he shares […]

Minns Rides Roughshod Over Hills Community

Minns government

A cap on the number of dwellings at the Hills Showground Precinct has been scrapped by the Minns government before a promised site for a new school has been identified. Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Peter Gangemi said the decision showed absolute disdain for the people of The Hills Shire, which is already buckling […]

Mona George Photography

Mona George Photography

I’m Mona, the owner and photographer behind Mona George Photography. Since 2015, I’ve been capturing bright, natural and timeless images of babies and families. With 8 years of experience as a newborn handler, I have a deep passion for what I do. Our natural light filled studio located in Dural is a haven dedicated to […]

Over Seven Trolley Loads and Counting

Westleigh Village

Thank you to our amazing Westleigh community for your very generous support, donating non-perishable food items and toiletries to our charity food drive at Westleigh Village over 2 weeks in September for The Dish. The Dish provide meals for up to 40 people two nights per week all year-round, they also deliver food hampers once […]