Receiving Support Inspired Matthew to Seek a Career Giving Support

Matthew used to spend each day in agony. Having been diagnosed with Scheuermann’s disease in 2014, the pain in the teenager’s neck and back was so intense it often proved completely debilitating. By 2016, the aches became so severe that Matthew underwent spinal fusion surgery. The operation proved an absolute game changer. He is now […]

Probus Ponderings

Members of the Combined Probus Club of Cherrybrook began the month with a visit to Brislington, just a short bus trip away to Parramatta, but far from today’s modern world. Brislington is the oldest existing dwelling house in inner Parramatta and since 1983 has been a medical and nursing museum. The guides enlightened us as […]

Arcadian Quilting

Aren’t Communities Great… we interact, we communicate, we support each other in shared activities and BINGO… the whole Community can benefit. We quilters have recently had the opportunity of sharing with the Elouera Cottage Crafts group from Cherrybrook Uniting Church. During November they held shopping days at a POP-UP market. Their contact point now is […]

Queen Commemorated by Jubilee Orchard

Mr Julian Leeser MP, the Federal member for Berowra, and Mr Philip Ruddock, the Hornsby Shire Mayor, have taken part in the launch of a special citrus orchard at Pacific Hills Christian School which commemorates the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The rows of orange, lemon and lime trees were made possible by a grant […]