New Facebook Group: Sharing Homegrown – in & around CHERRYBROOK

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Women’s Shed

The August women’s shed was well attended by local ladies. The project was an Australian animal painting inspired by aboriginal decorative painting techniques. The women’s shed project and morning tea is held monthly in Arcadia. Message Suzanne on 0419 603 122 or The Shed Studio on facebook for if you are interested in attending these […]

Dance and Music Shine in the Hills

A big shout out to our performing arts and music students at Pacific Hills Christian School for receiving nearly 20 major awards at their most recent competitions. OneMaker Academy attended the City Lights Dance Festival and the dance troupes gave their all – resulting in SR Jazz Any Style, SR & R Contemporary and SR […]

Hornsby Bird Survey

Do you know a Fantail from a Honeyeater? Learn how to identify some of the diverse selection of native birds that call the Shire home as Hornsby Shire Council conducts its annual bird surveys on Saturday 10th September at the Lane Cove National Park and Hornsby Park. Join experts from Birdlife Australia as they share […]