The transition from Primary to Secondary Years can be a challenge for students as the emphasis on academics, social awareness and independence begins to emerge.

Northholm Grammar seeks to create a seamless link by preparing students as early as Year 5 by implementing practices that assists in developing students that are autonomous, responsible, independent and engaged learners.

Taking a holistic viewpoint, Year 5 and 6 teachers create opportunities for students to stimulate their natural curiosity and willingness to learn.

A personalised learning approach helps students engage in higher-order thinking skills to develop deep content knowledge and understanding, while co-curricular opportunities such as leadership roles, artistic endeavours and STEM activities allows students to find the passions and talents that they will take with them into Secondary years and help form a strong sense of personal identity.

“This is achieved by authentic and relevant classroom learning, instilling crucial organisational skills and a rich pastoral care system that fosters character development and positive peer relationships,” says Year 5 teacher Matthew Garrett. At Northholm, by beginning the transitional journey earlier in Year 5, students approach the change into Secondary school in Year 7 with confidence and a deep sense of preparedness