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The Power of Kindness

With more research focused on mental health than ever before, it is becoming apparent that a simple gesture of kindness has huge benefits.

To practice kindness towards others, or sometimes, more importantly, being kind to yourself can have amazing results. Research shows that kindness decreases stress, conflict, anxiety, depression, and so much more. It allows us to relax and opens us up to thinking clearer, sleeping better, and ultimately developing a more balanced life. Kindness has been shown to help us achieve our goals, enjoy the company of both other people, and appreciate the company of ourselves.

It may be a simple gesture, lending a hand to someone, letting a stranger go in front of you in a line or while driving, or giving someone a phone call to check “how are you going?”. Without kindness, our habitual thought patterns, perhaps based on past disappointments, often lead down unwanted paths of frustration. Try this experiment today: be kind to yourself and one other person! Notice the changes…

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To speak with one of our counsellors, reach out today. Contact us on 0434 293 116. Your first session is free. Treat yourself to some nourishment in a safe, respectful environment