On Friday, 4th of June, award-winning author Will Kostakis ran an intensive creative writing workshop with Galston High School students.

Having written and published several successful books, Will Kostakis shared valuable insights with students and ran activities that allowed them to put creative writing strategies into place then seek feedback. Galston High School, Galston High School


• Focusing on a character in a moment of change rather than trying to fit a narrative arc into a short story. This moment could be an event that shifts the way they see the world, how they see someone else, or how they see themselves.

• The use of a strong narrative voice by using language that authentically represents the character you’re writing so that your character appears more realistic. For example, if your character is a teenager, it would be more realistic for them to use hyperboles to reflect on a situation instead of an extended motif.

• Manipulating the tone of a story so that the language fits the mood you’re trying to create. A great way to do this is to start with the same scenario and writing with a particular genre in mind.

Bree Collins of Year 8 said, “It was a really fun experience, and I love the way Will Kostakis interacted with everyone. I felt I learned so much about descriptive writing and how to create realistic moods and character voices. Galston High School

Will introduced us to writing about a character’s ‘moment of change’ and how this can form a really effective short story. I feel this will definitely assist me in my creative writing in the future.”

Scarlett Votano of Year 7 added, “This was one of the best days I’ve had at school so far. I honestly learned so much, and I feel very inspired to improve the book that I am writing now and write more. Will Kostakis was very funny and friendly, and it was an overall great experience!”

“I really loved the attitude towards creative writing that Will Kostakis has,” KK Karki of Year 9 said. “This helped me develop a better understanding of creative writing. I enjoyed the exercises as it helped me put to practice what Will taught us. Overall I enjoyed the creative writing workshop and hope to do more like it in the future.”