Duke of Edinburgh at GHS

Many Galston High School students undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme alongside their academic studies, giving them a broad base of skills and experiences outside the classroom. At the end of 2022, Galston High School’s current Year 12 participants completed their final Duke of Edinburgh adventurous journey in Kosciuszko National Park to qualify for the […]

A Love of Learning Begins at Northholm

Northholm Grammar welcomes each child into a community where individuality shines and dreams are encouraged. A life-long learning journey begins in Kindergarten, with those very first steps onto our spacious and vibrant grounds. Our idyllic campus, nestled in stunning natural bushland, is a hidden gem that complements our distinctive education. It is a safe place, […]

Athletes Shine at Recent Masters Championships

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Dural Public School Camp

On Monday the 6th of March, Dural Public School Year 5 left for their yearly camp. Everyone was buzzing with excitement as we boarded the bus. The bus ride was long, but we were soon there. When we arrived, we were greeted by smiles from the camp instructors. Soon after that we were told which […]

Castle Hill Art Society

ART DEMONSTRATION Wednesday May 3 at 7.30pm Christian Holmes “Portrait Artist – Oils” Christian Holmes is a talented young figurative artist with a keen interest in classical drawing and painting techniques, particularly portraits. He strives to capture a likeness of his subject quickly which imbues the image with life and light. Christian will demonstrate from […]